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Leadership Development Series

Core Leadership Skills
Identify the characteristics of effective leaders and assess your own strengths as a leader. We will also discuss four styles of leadership and how to use them in a variety of leadership situations.
Maximizing Employee Performance
In order to get your people to perform to their potential, you must be able to identify performance problems quickly and diagnose the situation in order to correct it. This session provides you with an effective improvement process for any performance issue.
Managing Multiple Priorities
The skill to manage time effectively is essential to the success of any leader. This session will provide you with a variety of practical and proven time management methods to help you get better results in less time every day.
Optimizing Workplace Morale
Many of the factors affecting employee morale are beyond our control. At the same time, leaders have many opportunities to influence morale -- for better or for worse. At this workshop we will identify both the factors that build positive morale and the factors that hurt morale in the workplace.
How to Conduct Effective Interviews
This workshop provides very effective guidelines which interviewers of all experience levels will find helpful. We will discuss how to avoid common interview pitfalls and barriers, how to develop questions and interpret responses, and an effective form of position analysis which helps to ensure that we are selecting the right candidate.
Improving Teamwork & Cooperation
Whether your organization has a formal team environment or not, you must be able to get your people to work together effectively. In this session you will learn a variety of ways to improve cooperation, communication and commitment in any work group.
Day-to-Day Coaching Skills
Effective leaders must not only give clear direction, but also recognize coaching opportunities, provide feedback and create a motivational environment in order for subordinates to succeed. Assess and improve your coaching skills in this important session.
 Effective Problem Solving Methods
In this session, we will use a six-step problem solving process to solve difficult workplace problems. You will also become more effective at leading problem solving discussions that lead to practical solutions.
How to Train People Effectively
All leaders train and teach others in the work environment. In this session you will improve your skills in this area as well as understand how to show your subordinates how to provide effective on-the-job training to others.
Leadership in Changing Environments
Managing change effectively has become a daily challenge in all organizations in these times of rampant change. This session provides you with effective methods for managing change yourself and for leading others through change in dynamic work environments.

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